Adios® Collection

Potanthuriums from the Adios® collection are distinguished by the fresh look with shiny leaves. The plants are compact and full. With their slightly tucked colourful bract and small flask the flowers remind one of especially exotic butterflies.

The plants are vigorous, dense and compact, richly filled with flowers, have a long shelf life and a high tolerance for cold (down to about 10 ºC). They are available in five striking colours: red, orange, brown, pink and white, with green ears (except the orange ones). These colours are also very nice to mix. The Adios® Collection is an exclusive Fuerte Planta® product.

An Adios® plant is like a bouquet of flowers on the table.

These plants do well in every season and on every occasion: as Valentine’s gift, for Mother's Day, in summer on the garden table or at Christmas.


fuerte planta salmon adios

Adios White

fuerte planta red adios

Adios Red


Adios Pink


Adios Spring


Adios Orange


Adios Chocolate